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Key Recruitments at Translink Corporate Finance

Tomi Liina Juuso

Translink Corporate Finance has  executed key recruitments and training to put forward its renewed strategy to focus on technology, growth and software company corporate finance.

To compliment Associate Juuso Marttinen (previously e.g. Deloitte, OP),  Translink has recruited two Analysts. Tomi Mustonen (CountOn, Danske) and Liina-Johanna Leeve (Tesi, Nike) joined the company in the Fall.

A very extensive recruitment process attracted 164 candidates, of which many are potential future employees either at Translink or with other international investment banks. Translink has strengthened its competitive position, and e.g. has been the most active investment bank in the Nordics with its 67 completed mid-market M&A-transactions in 2018-2019*.

Our recent transactions include e.g. Nitor, Keskisen kello as well as Euronic.

We have also refreshed our imagery, please get to know our team.

For  more information:

Juuso Marttinen
juuso.marttinen@translinkcf.fi, +358 50 561 4027

Tomi Mustonen
tomi.mustonen@translinkcf.fi, +358 40 053 4447

Liina-Johanna Leeve
liina-johanna.leeve@translinkcf.fi, +358 50 380 0066

*excluding accounting companies