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#negotiator 44 – SaaS funding Vainu with Round2 (Christian Czernich)

Christian Czernich, PhD, is the Founder and CEO of Round 2 Capital Partners, a specialist in enabling the growth of Software as a Service companies via revenue funding. His capital portfolio includes also Finnish SaaS-champion Vainu.io, a real-time company data platform and a successful B2B SaaS growth company.

Christian is also a former Translink Corporate Finance partner with deep academic and M&A structuring knowledge from e.g. Stockholm School of Economics and Stanford. He and Sami discuss the similarities in the Austrian and Finnish mindsets. Sami has worked with a number of Austrian companies on M&A. Round2Capital has had a very favorable impression of Finland, especially from technology point of view, and is keen to fund more success stories in the Nordics.

In this discussion Czernich shares his favourite SaaS-company metrics from both equity and debt financing point of view. These include net churn, Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) in relation to Lifetime Value (LTV), Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) growth and often overlooked Customer Engagement.

Christian and Round2 Capital can be reached at https://www.round2cap.com/ or through Sami.

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