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Sami Miettinen to join Translink as partner

Sami Miettinen, MSc (econ) & MBA joins Translink Corporate Finance as partner. Sami will start in 1.1.2019. Sami is one of the most experienced active Finnish investment bankers, who has previously worked at Nordic Trustee, Sisu Partners, RBS, SEB, Credit Suisse, Pöyry Capital and Merita.

Sami comments:” Translink’s mandates are world class. Over the last few months, I have been impressed by e.g. the international private equity technology deals such as Netrcontrol, the successful cooperation with growth company owners as well as the breakthroughs in capital markets and NASDAQ companies such as in the trade sale of Fincumet to Fortum. I will begin the year e.g. as one the program leaders in the Federation of Finnish Enterprises 365 days to Stock Exchange, which aims to execute a First North IPO for many of the approximately 30 participating growth companies. I also expect our clients to benefit from my 13 years in London with major companies, negotiation wisdom gained from my book Neuvotteluvalta, as well as from my bond markets experience as the Finnish CEO of Nordic Trustee”.

Translink’s partner Mikko Peltonen has decided to join Rostek Oy by the end of the year.

Translink’s CEO Jari Lauriala comments:” We are excited to have Sami in our team and at the same time we wish the much appreciated Mikko luck and success in his challenge to join industry.”

Further information:

Jari Lauriala 0400918855

Sami Miettinen 0400 735 835

Mikko Peltonen 040 5201458