E-commerce as an industry has matured significantly over the last decade and taken huge leaps over the last couple of years. Most retailers have already discovered the DTC channel and taken serious steps to elevate their online business, but the industry is far from levelling out. E-commerce will continue to grow rapidly as the channel provides significant growth opportunities for savvy participants that master the digital environment and can leverage the benefits of online sales and a global audience.

Why do we adore E-commerce at Translink? Simple. Because the space attracts a lot of interest among financial and strategic buyers due to the scalability and limitless growth opportunities.
The umbrella term “E-commerce” captures all types of companies engaged in digital sales, from digitally native vertical brands to omni/multichannel, B2B/B2C retail and wholesale companies - We are happy to discuss and share the knowledge we have accrued over the years regardless of the category your company falls into.