What we don’t know, we learn fast. We strive to be quick learners and put significant effort towards understanding each vertical and company we work with, as well as the technology they offer. We select our projects carefully and only undertake assignments when we see that we can deliver concrete value to the client.

One of the most important aspects of technology transactions is to identify and understand the market potential and value of the technology to a buyer or other stakeholder involved in the process. Either on a stand-alone basis or by combining current assets and resources. The same principle applies regardless of application or industry vertical. We have completed countless complex deals in different fields, helping our clients obtain the full synergy loaded value for the asset by clearly communicating the upside potential and quantifiable synergies.

In technology transactions, there are typically a limited number of buyers or investors that can leverage the acquired technology, and these are often players operating in the same industry or entities in adjacent industries looking to enter a new market or application. Technology transactions are seldom straight forward auctions, which amplifies the significance of process preparations and process execution.